Defenders 2 Review (HTC One A9): tower defense meets collectible cards, combo feels right (Video)

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  • 07 Feb 2016
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  • It’s been a while since I last played a quality tower defense game, but in came Defenders 2 to save the day and provide this exact experience. We tested the game on the HTC One A9 and you can download it for free from the Play Store.

    Launched in early January this year, the game comes from Nival Game Studio and it features 29 bosses, 40 towers and 20 spells. There are also timers that require you to spend currency or wait for them to pass in order to access some areas of the map. Playing cards are the core here, since they include spells, runes and towers and they can be fused to provide extra power.

    47 achievements are available and IAPs too. Coins are the main currency and you don’t only get them as you complete missions. You can also get them by simply mining one of the places that falls into your jurisdiction. You will need Internet to play Defenders 2 and towers have to be placed on special squares, sometimes feeling cramped and too few to play as you want.

    But then again you can destroy structures and make room for the towers as you please. Spells include ice and thunder, as well as mines and one that slows down time. They have a cool down period and they can be used a limited number of times. Speaking of limitations, unlike other tower defense titles, this one limits the number of towers of a kind you can have.

    Sometimes you can only have two cannonball towers and about 2 glaives, plus 2 poison shooting ones. Enemies come in waves and they can be called early for a boost in resources to build towers. You can also fast forward the gameplay to make the level pass faster, especially if you have excellent tower placement and the battle is basically won.

    Also unlike other tower defense games, this one doesn’t end with a game over when the enemies enter the base and loot you. They carry the loot back to their base, so that’s an extra chance to get them. Animations are excellent and enemies are very varied, including all sorts of goblins, orcs, walking plants, zombies and medieval creeps.

    We give it a 9 out of 10 and recommend you play it.

    Defenders 2 Review Video Review

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