Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories Review (Huawei Nexus 6P): Port of a PSP Classic, With Bite Size Missions, Some Graphical Bugs (Video)

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  • 22 Mar 2016
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  • Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories was a game I played on the Huawei Nexus 6P, back when I was testing the phone and back when the game’s price had been reduced by quite a bit. Available on Android in mid February, the title got off to a nice start, with a 40% price cut.

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    It’s a port of the PS2 and PSP game from 2005, with enhanced graphics and bite size missions. They’re very short, taking mere minutes to complete and range from bribing officials, to taking a mob boss home, while being chased by police and protecting a casino from waves of enemies coming to blow it up. You’ll control Toni Cipriano, who returns home from his seclusion.

    The game features enhanced draw distance, new high resolution textures and character art and pretty well implemented controls. Vehicles are pretty easy to control, I mean the 4 wheeled ones, since the motorbikes are pretty hard to handle for some reason. You can hijack any car and engage in a variety of violent acts, but also be a vigilante and perform regular missions in a cab, ambulance or police car.

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    You will collect money from prostitutes, repaint cars and get a gun or SMG and start spraying bullets in the street, as a legit psycho you are. The aiming system is well implemented, either with an auto aim option or by moving the crosshair around on your own. I find that the idea of saving the game while being at your home apartment feels a bit old and out of fashion nowadays.

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    Toni can change clothes and collect vehicles to keep in the garage, as well as a long series of weapons. Police will chase you and you’ll become more wanted as you do more felonies, a fact shown by the sheriff starts at the top of the screen. We had a bit of fun with the game, that also had its few bugs, like rain popping out of nowhere and being pixelated or random textures overlapping.

    We give this game a 9 out of 10 and you can download it here.

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