Top 5 Android Games of the Week April 7th – 14th 2013: Worms 2 Arrives on Android, AvP Evolution Reviewed and More (Video)

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  • 14 Apr 2013
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  • Over the past week we’ve had some nifty games launched and a huge disappointment from Gameloft, that failed to deliver the most expected title this Spring: Dungeon Hunter 4. It’s already available on iOS, but on Android it’s at least 3 days late and apologies won’t cut it. On the good side we’ve reviewed some pretty nice games, that I’d like to share with you in the following lines.


    5) Die Hard review

    I played a PlayStation Die Hard trilogy game back in the days and it was pretty cool. Now that game would probably take up 400 MB of space on an Android phone, but instead we get an endless runner inspired by the latest movie in the series: A Good day to Die Hard. The action of the game takes place in Moscow and the main character is Jack McClane, the son of famous Bruce Willis character John McClane, who coined the phrase Yipie Ki Yay. You can endlessly run in a deserted scenario or urban one, shoot enemies and there’s even a bullet time/adrenaline mode to trigger. The game is kind of slow, though…

    The title is up for download here.


    4) Hills of Glory 3D

    Mando Productions is back after Babel Rising 3D and give us Hills of Glory 3D, a tower defense game based on World War II. This title is actually a reverse tower defense title, as its maker dubs it. We’ve got a Story Mode here, with 21 levels available and an Endless Mode, that explains itself by name. The game is available for free and it comes with cartoonish graphics, an omnipresent sense of humor and a ton of weapons and even tanks to play with. There are rifles, mortar, flamethrower and air strikes.

    You can download the game from here.


    3) AvP Evolution Review

    Alien versus Predator Evolution is one of the most complex third person action games on Android and yet… it has its bugs. We reviewed it on the Nexus 10 tablet and while the graphics were impressive, the gameplay is far from perfect. There are various camera bugs here and the AI is basically dumb. At least the Predator and Alien are highly customizable with a ton of accessories, tails, weapons, gadgets and body modifications. There are only 19 campaign levels to play with a bunch of sidequests that won’t have you spending too much in this game. If only it were longer… By the way it costs $4.99 and also includes the classic facehuggers, chest bursters and Predators who can turn invisible.

    Download is over here.


    2) Into the dead Review

    Into the Dead is finally an endless runner with a twist… a twist of view angle that is. Instead of seeing the character from behind or from the side, you can watch him running from first person angle. The game takes up 25 MB of space and we reviewed here for you, using the Nexus 10 tablet. By the way, as a coincidence the Nexus 10 had a bug related to the game, with flickering white areas in the center of the screen. That bug was solved through a recent update, however. So, back to the game, you see a first person run on a field among zombies and you control the guy through the undead. You can even shoot at zombies or use a chainsaw as you run, which is pretty cool. And most importantly the game is free.

    You can download it from here.


    1) Worms 2 Armageddon

    Worms 2 Armageddon was big back when I was a child and now we get the opportunity to get back to those days and play the game on our handsets and tablets. The game is up on Android right now and it’s the most interesting title I’ve seen launched recently. The game costs $4.99, offers 30 single player missions, 5 new themes and trademark weapons, that include the likes of Holy Hand Grenade and Ninja Rope. There are also fresh extras, like the Petrol Bomb, Super Sheep and Pneumatic Drill, or the Poison Strike. A crazy number of 12 game modes are available here, that include WiFi multiplayer, Fort Mode and many more.

    The download link is here, so enjoy!

    It’s been a very interesting week for Android game buffs and I have a feeling that next week will be even better. Gameloft is not the only one making launches and its rivals, the likes of Glu Mobile or Rovio are overdue some hits, if you ask me. We may also see some apps, since it’s been a while since a nifty app has caught our eyes.

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