Mortal Kombat X Review (Huawei P8): More Than Just an Injustice Skin, Filled With Original Content (Video)

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  • 29 May 2015
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  • Mortal Kombat X entered a new phase in the life of the series, with a mobile version being released together with the console and PC one. The gameplay is totally different in the mobile version and most importantly, the game is free. We played the title on the Huawei P8 and had a blast.

    Coming from NetherRealms, the game was released on April 9th on iOS and about a month later on iOS. It takes up over 1 GB of storage and it’s a tag 3 battle game, with lots of taps and swipes as combat controls. Its gameplay system is the same with the one from WWE Immortals or Injustice, but the real draw here is the content, with original characters and backgrounds to fight in.

    There’s obviously an energy system, so you’ll be playing about 6 or 7 fights till you either swap to another set of 3 characters or pay a soul to recharge the energy. Or you can just wait. The main currencies here are souls and coins, the latter achieved after each fight. Souls are harder to come by and they’re usually given as a reward by the game makers or after completing challenges.

    You will buy characters as playing cards and card packs and you’ll also get playing cards with upgrades, items to equip or even level up cards. Multiplayer involves Faction Wars, that associates you to a faction and lets you choose a quick battle or bigger/smaller ladders of combat. The campaign mode is the so called story mode, with cutscenes here and there a series of towers to face.

    You will tap and swipe to hit and follow the tempo of an on screen animation during special moves. Those charge up when you’re hit or you hit the enemy and eventually you can reach the third level of the special hits, which is the X Ray Fatality for Gold characters. In the Campaign mode you can call an extra character to aid you and he or she will perform a special strike, seriously depleting the enemy’s HP.

    Gamers can level up their champion and their account, equip items and boost stats with cards. Parrying is done with two fingers pressed on the screen and there are also boss battles at the end of ladders. Among the trademark characters here we find Scorpion, Subzero, Johnny Cage, Ermac, Reptile and many more. Graphics look excellent, with all the character variety, special moves, flames and blood one needs from an MK game.

    We give this title a 9 out of 10, more for the huge quantity of original content than gameplay. You can download it here.

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